Bulk Page Speed Checker

Competitive Analysis Tool

iSpySpeed is a free tool that helps marketers determine the page load speed of their competitors.

The page speed score used on iSpySpeed is powered by Google's PageSpeed Insights. While the Google tool is helpful on a case-by-case basis, it fails to let users lookup domains in bulk. This is where iSpySpeed can help.


Page load speed is a ranking factor, yet this is often overlooked by SEOs when conducting competitive analysis.

iSpySpeed can help provide another layer of technical analysis in addition to the usual metrics like Domain Authority, Total linking root domains, etc.

Specific applications include:

  • Keyword Difficulty: Determine the page speed score for sites ranking on the first page for a given keyword or keyword phrase.
  • Domain vs Domain: Weigh the page speed scores of specific domains against one another.

Behind the Tool

iSpySpeed is powered by UpWord, a search marketing agency based in Boston, MA.

Questions? Reach out to @JoshuaSturgeon on Twitter.